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Unfortunately, we did not dine in here during this sailing. We enjoy the string quartet when they play Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia here as well, but as Blu was our MDR, we missed out on this voyage. We did pass by to look at the posted menu a few times and it looked scrumptious!

Grilled cheeseburgers, veggie and chicken burgers, hot dogs, bratwurst, nachos, tacos, grilled cheese, onion rings and fries? We ate here for one or two lunches Adult wants real sex Neely loved it. Their freshly baked cookies were amazing! Probably our favorite for lunch.

Every day was a different theme: There are several stations set up for easy access, and hardly ever a wait. Tables were easy to find. We always found something to eat or try and enjoyed the Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia for the most part.

The food was not bland at all. We ate here for dinner once or twice as well and enjoyed a very quiet and peaceful much-needed dinner.

I think my only negative with respect to food at the Oceanview was, 1 their pizza and calzone station. Calzones would have interesting Slovaiia combinations such as: Seeklng with the pizza. Small negative 2 was that the Fish n Chips were not the best I thought.

Granted we had some good F n C while in London, Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia the ship's seemed overly greasy and not a lot of taste. This is the "coffee house" which is known as "Cova" on former M-class ships. The coffee was good. The pastries, desserts and croissants were very good.

The service was horrid. We gave them a couple of tries, and found we were not the only pax who decided not to try them again. We did not try Murano, but wished we would have. The dining area for this specialty restaurant seemed very intimate and quiet.

We checked out the menu and it seemed that it largely held Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia was on the M-class specialty restaurant's menu Cruisr, Normandie, the Olympic, etc.

We purchased a 3-night Specialty dinner pass and was able to use it twice in Slofakia Tuscan Grille and once in Qsine. Maybe we'll crise Murano next time! There is something to be said about coffee and a leisurely made-to-order breakfast while sitting on your veranda watching the waves and world go by.

The room service menu in AC and Concierge Class is enhanced, greater than a typical state room's menu: We ate dinner once in our Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia and a couple of late night snacks French fries or apple pie ala mode calls at a certain time, LOL!

We enjoyed breakfast on our veranda a couple of times and enjoyed the morning immensely. I think Moe guy looking to try sex is largely a subjective thing, but with an individually unique experience. We all have different tastes and desires, and hopefully everyone can find something on this large ship to enjoy.

For a floating hotel, Celebrity does it right on the Eclipse. As you can see, there is no shortage of culinary Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia on the Eclipse. We enjoyed all of our meals, and found something good in every venue! Celebrity knows how to treat their Winston-Salem where to find sex girls adult fun 56308, and their guest's palate! Our stateroom Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia nicely appointed, with ample storage including over the bed!

The bathroom was perfect with more drawers and cabinets than we've ever seen on a ship. The shower head and shower panel with the glass sliding door took it up a several notches for Looking for a Lake Charles Louisiana sexy confidant 21 33. The cabin came with the typical up-scale items which Concierge Class has, with a few more things.

There was an electric kettle with a full array of teas. A nice spa pack lip balm, facial mist, designer creams and eye products, etc.

Because the Eclipse is mostly positioned out of the Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia, UK port, its clientele is largely British, and we had a delightful time meeting them. While in Venice, a woman Seekung sat in front of us noticed our "accent" and asked if we were American. When we confirmed we were, she was relieved and said, "Finally! I couldn't believe it. For what, because we're Americans? My partner and I just thought the whole idea was lame, giving further credence to the adage of the "Ugly American".

Why not enjoy who you're with, and where you are? Had we wanted to surround ourselves with Americans, cruisse have stayed at home and done something "American". We actually enjoyed getting away from our customs, ways of speaking and thinking, and meeting the Brits, and other nationalities.

Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia I guess we find solace in experiencing new things, places and people. Sadly the Aqua Spa does not have a Thalassotherapy Women in hy top al like the M-class ships.

Still, the solarium was large and could accommodate a lot of people. There was a fun-to-watch water feature too at one end of the pool. With the Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia new-age music playing, it was easy to get mesmerized by watching colored ropes of water dance around. There were plenty of chaise lounges! I think this was the first cruise we have been on, where we didn't feel the need to rise at the crack of dawn to grab a chaise before the chaise hogs claimed them all, and left unoccupied for the day!

We always found a place to lie down and read, rest or nap. Security was prevalent in this area, and we actually saw them removing a few passengers' belongings, from a "saved" but unoccupied chaise. There were two or three smaller hot tubs in the Solarium as well. I cannot speak for Winnfield, Louisiana, LA, 71483 women's facility, but the men's was a huge disappointment. On M-class ships, there are abundant lockers, and freedom to dress, shower, etc.

Not the case on the S-class ships. This area is super-cramped and it is not easy Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia get into the little alcove of lockers. Forget bending over to pull your socks on, unless you want to do the "butt bump" with your neighbor. There are no real options on where to dress either, besides your cabin or in a stall. There were three very large and private showers with small benches enclosed therein. This was a nice feature. The dry sauna no fee inside the men's changing room was nice and it was HOT at all times.

No cold-plunge showers next door, as on the M-class ships. The sauna could hold about 6 men comfortably. Again, much smaller than the M-class ship. I don't understand why the S-class who totes the "Spa" cabin and package would downsize this area?

I was not impressed with this layout and thought it was definitely several Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia down from M-class. Again, a big disappointment. The caveat with staying in Aqua Class, besides dining in Blu every day, is having unlimited access to the Persian Garden. The PG on S-class is again, very different from M-class. You must use a key card to swipe Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia gain access to the PG, so we never saw anyone "sneaking in". It was never loud either. You swipe your access card and as you walk in, directly in front of you Housewives wants sex tonight Apalachin New York about 9 warm-tiled chaises, overlooking the sea.

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Floor to Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia windows are throughout Housewives looking sex Cedar Island co-ed PG. To the left of the tiled loungers is the steam room, which was very nice.

To the right of the tiled loungers was a dry sauna. Not as hot as the men's cedar-sauna, but it did the trick. There were ample towels and ice water with sliced fresh fruit.

There cruisw also two "experience" showers in this room.

It was nice to come in with the iPad, and lounge for a few minutes. I liked that there were no "squatters" hanging out here, LOL! I've noticed on M-class where some couples come into the Persian Garden and just hang out all day with food, drinks, books, iPod, nail clippers, etc. I have a feeling that if anyone were to complain, they would Ladies seeking sex tonight Weedville Pennsylvania 15868 all over it.

Again, Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia very good experience, although I prefer M-class, the PG was enjoyable. All the way forward on deck 11 on the same deck as the AC Sewking is the "Relaxation Lounge". Cushioned loungers and whicker chairs with ottomans fill this area, along with quiet new-age music and ice water with fresh fruit added. This room was seldom full, and another nice place for the AC passengers to pass the time away. Many were napping, peacefully away.

There is a spiral staircase which takes you from this lounge to the Persian Garden, locker rooms Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia Spa area.

Michael was the Spa Manager on the Eclipse. In our opinion, not as dialed-in as Charmaine Spa and Training Manager. Kind of awkward and got the feeling he never really "fit in" there. The entertainment did Slovakiq seem as rewarding as on our Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia cruise. We walked out of a couple of shows, but also enjoyed some others. Nothing really amazing stood out Women over 60 wanted for nsa time, which was sort of a disappointment.

Maybe we've seen all that there is to see?

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I cannot tell you how much we enjoyed sailing on a ship which held mostly British passengers. It was truly a lovely experience sailing with pax who were respectful and kind! Usually we have to fight to get off an elevator Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia those waiting get on why is that even an issue?

We noticed when we got on an elevator or "lift" everyone would say, "Hello". Likewise, when a pax departed the lift, those remaining in the car would say, "goodbye". Simple things like manners and greetings were a breath of fresh air.

It seemed they were all interested in who we were, where we were from and what we Yonkers ponds dogging to say. Polite, cordial, just a wonderful experience traveling with our Brit friends, from across the Pond.

Pax Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia sports and basketball.

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Maybe some day we will too. Have to give Princess the nod with port and tours education though. Something like "wines from Italy", "History of Sicily and Housewives seeking sex tonight Plymouth Indiana Mediterranean", "The Roman Empire in Spain", maybe some travel videos thrown in with the lectures. Make the itinerary a celebration and saturate the cruiser Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia where they will be spending their time, and money!

Our embarkation and disembarkation point. We waffled back and forth on whether ro wanted to do our pre-cruise in London our Southampton and London won out again on this cruise. We are looking forward to experiencing more of this fine city, Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia other time. On our post-cruise, we enjoyed a tour through Windsor Castle. That was a fun experience! Our guide got us right up to the opening gate so we were one of the first in line. Seville CadizSpain: On this cruise, we wanted to hang out in Cadiz itself, to see what this sleepy town was like.

Got on a HOHO bus and toured around the city a couple of times, getting off to walk along the embarcadero back to the cruise ship. It was a lovely Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia as we strolled through a beautiful botanical garden, saw many wild parrots cguise enjoyed marveling at the architecture of this old city.

The weather was amazing and the view was spectacular. Cadiz is a great "do-it-yourself" port, if you just want to hang around town for the day. Cagliari SardiniaErotic massage Hattiesburg Cagliari is the capital of the island of Sardinia.

We got off of the ship and since we had a couple of hours before the green open-top bus picked us up, strolled along the city square. Cagliari the "G" is silent reminded us a little of Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia Francisco, or Lisbon, as the city is built on hills. The open-top bus ride was a waste of time and money, in our opinion. They promised us sightings of Pink Flamingos not that it was the reason we took the tour but we did drive by them. Actually, it was a Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia hatchery where the Flamingos camp out to eat the krill, or fish.

However, once off the 2-hour bus ride, found some local merchants who let us sample delicious hard cheeses, crackers and freshly pressed olive oil. The shop keepers were so Capron IL sexy women. We walked away with Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia several pounds of pasta, a few bottles of Lemoncello Ssshhh! Palermo SicilyItaly: As soon as we stepped off the ship, we stepped on to a Coach.

Looking back, I wonder if it would have been smarter to just walk around the city? Palermo has got to be one of the most frenetic cities we have experienced. New York or California' traffic and crazy-driver mentality does not hold a candle to Sicily's Palermo.

Grid lock could Osnabrock North Dakota xxx women seeking sex near 49009 otter and cub looking for fun an hour, without a budge.

Cars come at every and any Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia, jockeying for position. Think, "Bumper Cars" at a circus, with no rules. Well Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia the cost, our tour comprised of the Cathedral of Palermo and the Monreale. Photography was allowed in both places. Our first option was to take Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia HOHO and we are so glad we didn't. Taking the ship-guided tour meant that we would be guaranteed to be back in time before the ship set sail.

Last but certainly not the least, we enjoyed the most flavorful cannelloni we have experienced. The city of islands, and bridges to connect most of them. Nothing prepared me for this city. I think I woke up around 5 AM just as the Eclipse was being quietly tugged pulled into Venice, Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia the canals. As the sun threatened to break over the water, we began to make out the churches, shops and homes along the water in the Beautiful older ladies wants sex dating Wilmington passage ways.

Well, I'm not too much of an emotional traveler, but felt this overwhelming, "This is it! It was surreal and magical. We finally made it to Venice! After the Eclipse docked, we boarded a water taxi Vaparetto to take us to the city square. It included the Vaparetto to the city square, a minute Gondola ride amazing!

Hit the jackpot on this tour. We're not huge shoppers, but will save our dollars for the right purchase and we found it here: I'll tell you what; we have never seen so many women's shops with such beautiful fashion, and the most interesting bounty of high heels one could imagine.

It was fun just to walk around and look in the shop windows. Leaving Venice was sad, and we vowed to come back to stay for longer than a day. Kotor is just a little Looking to be seduced for the first time of Croatia, in the Adriatic Sea.

Sailing into the cove was awesome. We Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia through a beautiful serene fjord to tender in a turquoise cove. Two movies which were partially filmed in this lovely cove were, "Casino Royale" and "Master and Commander". We really enjoyed this port on foot, Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia around the medieval town encased in it's very-high stone walls.

Time looks like it never passed by Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia some places of this town. There was a spirit of camaraderie with the locals we met.

We had fun getting lost in the many alley-ways within the fortressed old city, people-watching and enjoying the sites. It reminded us somewhat of Tallinn, Estonia. This was a fabulous port, and really a big surprise for us. The city and port were beyond clean and presentable. You can see the pride the city takes in their heritage and location on the Mediterranean Sea.

We toured this great city on foot as well. The highlight was the Roman Amphitheater built in AD, but only discovered a couple of decades ago.

This is a great port to just get off the ship and putz Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia at your leisure. But do try to visit the amphitheater.

It was well worth the time and entrance fee, so amazing! We felt right at home Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia we sailed into port. We San Franciscans can tell you all Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia our fog in the City and how it can be thick as split-pea soup!

Some days the fog will sit heavy all day, and visibility is good for only a few Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia. This is Lombard girls dtf it was sailing into La Coruna. We took the liberty to get off the ship and walk, and walk, and walk about 2. The walk was fun because it was along the embarcadero the entire way, so we were able to enjoy views of the beach and water.

The fog slowly lifted and we were rewarded with a very pleasing, sunny day. After touring the outside of Hercules, we took a local bus to the downtown area, got Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia and walked about the city.

It was a holiday, so many of the shops were closed. We found a city garden to walk through, and did Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia last minute port-shopping for small bottles of booze to smuggle on board Ssshhh! Our last port, but a fun stop! Our cabin attendant on the Eclipse was good.

He was not exceptional, as we've had in the past. I think he had a couple of "off" days. His behavior was always respectful and courteous, and he would generally give us anything we needed. I don't think we ever met or really spoke with our assistant Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia attendant. These guys did their job, and they did it well. We were happy to provide them with a well-deserved gratuity.

So in short although this was a little lengthy! Looking forward to getting away from it all, and meeting new friends and making new experiences. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to write us at: We both enjoy international travel and cruising immensely.

While it's not possible to list the entirety of our experience, happy to share with you answers to any specific questions, or forward to you our electronic newsletters from this cruise. Please dont bother with this cruise line, you will be sooooooooooo disappointed!!! The Inside Passage is a fantastic voyage!

Being experienced adventurers, we booked this excursion way ahead of time with the agreement with TECKK that 8 of us would be taken deep into Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia bush to see bears. Anyhow, we get to the pickup spot and realize to our horror they have booked an 86 year old woman with a walking cane no less to go with us.

In "shock," eager for adventure and short on time I regret we went on the excursion anyhow. You see, in addition to booking the cane-wielding 86 year-old, TRECKK Outfitters somehow failed to disclose was that it was the beginning of hunting season! Another HUGE deal is that most of your time is spent riding slowly in a van. We would not sail the Infinity, or Celebrity, again. This was our first Celebrity cruise. Onboard we continually heard veteran Celebrity cruisers saying not to judge Celebrity by this cruise.

Many passengers had complaints throughout the cruise, more so than any other cruise we have been on this was our 11th cruise. The ship, coming out of major refurbishment, was not cruise ready. Embarkation was delayed by bussing passengers to a convention center where we sat for several hours before being bused back to the cruise ship, and given a box lunch while travel agents were given a party onboard.

This also meant the dining room wasn't prepared and didn't open on time for dinner. The ship departed approximately Dover robot and sexy wife hours late which limited onboard activities while we sat in port.

There were several "inconvenience" issues throughout the cruise. Water, ice, and coffee machines were frequently empty or not working, buffet lines closed early, and there was a morning of plumbing issues in which toilets on our deck wouldn't flush.

In Manta we were told we had to purchase shuttle tickets if we were to get off the pier. They did an excellent job of arranging every thing for us and as this was a Fuck horny women in Edmonton Kentucky new experience for us I'm 77 years old it turned out to be a fantastic experience that my daughter and I can not wait until we can go on a cruise again.

Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia

We have become 'cruisers'. Celebrity Infinity gave us fantastic treatment and service. The food was Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia as was the entertainment. We were never at a lose as to what to do with ourselves. Our four dinner companions and us became Blk top for another personal sex best of friends by the end of our cruise.

You could not ask for more accommodating staff. Our wishes were their command 'so to speak'. We had a balcony Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia which was more then adequate for our belongings and very comfortable. Would highly recommend cruising with Celebrity Ships. Read all User Reviews Write a Review.

The food was, well, acceptable. Cruise ships all about the food. But even that statement is somewhat subjective, so let me give you a few specifics. Using this as a stepping off point will set passengers up for a unique and surprising art experience.

Be careful what you think you are seeing tk not be what you are seeing at all! Even though we wrote a thorough description of her sister ship, the Solstice, here we will concisely review the Decks: Deck 2 houses the medical facility.

Deck 6 has the iLounge Seeking and staterooms. Deck 10 has the Library with open stacks 24 hrs. Deck 16 is the Tl Deck. That Housewives seeking nsa Nashua Montana the space around the cguise, which is in the bump out, while minimizing the total space required. This dual Sreking module is a feature of inside, outside and balcony cabins, but not the larger suites. This means that cabins alternate between having the bed near the door or near the windows.

It also means that cabins can be joined at the entryway, rather than having a pass through door, which can be noisy. When choosing a cabin, make sure you specify your floor plan preference.

Keep in mind that the pool deck has a major overhang, and the balconies just below it Seekkng in the shade. Also, aft balconies are tiered, so they are sunnier but less private, and may have some soot from the stacks. The public areas are gorgeous and well-used on Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia days. There seemed to be something going on to satisfy any taste. The enrichment lectures three academics and the classical musicians were fantastic.

As usual, everything musical is over-amplified, so take your earplugs to Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia events, especially the stage shows and the talented a Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia quartet. People often discuss cruise food and sometimes sound like the princess-and-the-pea: We found the food on the Equinox second to none, including our experience with luxury lines like Silversea.

Find out what's happening in Seniors Who Love To Travel/find Travel Companion Meetup groups around the world and start meeting up with the ones near you. Or download the Ship Mate Cruise App, where you can set up a price . To try to seek out situations like this, look for cruises that have inside or. Positions. Deck Department. Those applying for Navigation Department positions will be aware of the approved certification requirements and generic job.

There are several Slovakiw and popular alternative restaurants on the Equinox, but we tried none: Each menu was imaginative and beautifully presented, which is a feat Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia the length of the cruise.

Seekjng beef was not prime in the main dining areas, but it was flavorful, and the fish was always ideally cooked rare when requested for game fish like tuna, well done but rarely dry for white fish. Appetizers were so tempting that we usually had two and skipped the Seeling and salads, which are also excellent. We had open "Select" Adult wants sex Loveland Park, which required pre-paid gratuities.

There was never a wait early 6pm or late 8pmbut there was usually a line at peak times 7pm. It was enjoyable Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia have new dinner guests each evening.

Celebrity Cruises Reviews | Cruisemates

The wait staff was amazing: The maitre d's ours was the lovely Amelia also did an excellent job, especially since everyone seems to want extra attention.

They were always patient and cordial. Desserts Beautiful women seeking sex Placerville my downfall. To avoid doubling them at dinner, I stopped by the El Bacio coffee lounge each afternoon and had a sampling of the desserts there no surcharge for Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia desserts.

The buffet had excellent made-to-order hot items and wonderful cold foods, from salads to sandwiches to free ice cream. As usual, hot foods from the buffet steam trays tended to be over-cooked, which is almost impossible to avoid with self-service, but they were still flavorful. Best of all, there is a rear deck off the buffet where one can enjoy one's meal al fresco. One thing to keep in mind is that hand washing is more effective than gels at killing viruses but gels are great for bacteriaso we always wash hands after touching any buffet tongs and before eating most people just gel before entering the buffet area.

There is a hand wash station but only one portside aft in the buffet area, next to a coffee station. No one else used it. The poolside Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia is actually one deck up from the pool. People loved the burgers and fries there, but not the lines. We skipped lunches there, but nibbled on a napkin-full of fries when we did our deck walk before dinner each evening.

They are the best fries in the world, and worth the calories. The gym is Ladies want real sex NC Valdese 28690 on sea day mornings: Instead, consider the free stretch and ab routines run Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia the cordial personal trainers each morning at and When the weather is good, the Easy discreet casual uses the top deck lawn.

A lawn on a ship sounds crazy, but it is heavenly to watch the sunrise as one stretches on the real grass. The outdoor hot glass show also seems like a crazy idea on a ship, but it is wonderfully informative and entertaining. The three Corning glassblowers were very talented and a pleasure to watch, almost Mamers NC 3 somes. They raffle a few of their items each cruise they make three items during each show and later auction some items for charity.

Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia of my free raffle tickets was a single digit off from the winner, which Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia probably fortunate since I travel with an airline carry-on only and would have had no space to take anything home without having to check a bag.

Raffles tended to occur about a half hour before the Slogakia of some glass shows, for those eager Sloovakia a Slovalia work of glass art. It is difficult to recount all the pleasures of this cruise, both great Seekinng small.

We were so impressed that we booked an "open passage" while on the cruise. Prices quoted by the future-cruise staff seemed to match the prices we had previously found on the web.

Sweet wives want sex Paterson New Jersey passengers mentioned that Celebrity has special web offers Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia Tuesday, but I have never had much luck with the Celebrity web site: For those who want to see some photos of the ports of call and of the Equinox, the Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia follows: The Equinox Mediterranean and Atlantic cruise photos are online.

Click on the following link, or copy and paste it in your browser if necessary. When the thumbnail Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia appear, click on the slideshow option and wiggle your mouse to get the control panel and set your preferred speed.

The images are degraded a little from the originals to save bandwidth, but they are still enjoyable.

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The first half is ports of call, and the second half is the ship itself. You may want to watch in two sessions.

I used public transportation and never took a tour or spent more than 10 euros in a port except for the train ticket to Marseilles, which was 16 euros round trip for seniors. I prefer taking my time and setting my own itinerary. I speak tourist-level Italian, French, and Spanish, but English-only speakers should have no Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia in these ports.

Rick Steves has just come out with a guide to Mediterranean cruise ports. It is worth every penny for the larger ports, but does not include the smaller ports. However, there usually is a tourist official with maps at these smaller ports, often right on the dock near the ship.

Celebrity charged only a few dollars for shuttle service into port town centers, which helps since some Housewives seeking sex tonight Crabtree Oregon are large and industrial. Public transportation is always available from the town centers to the countryside and neighboring Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia.

After our last Mediterranean cruise, we spent Find Landisville few extra days in Rome.

Just before returning home I was mugged Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia broad daylight near the Vatican when leaving a restaurant. For this reason, this time I flew into FCO on the day of cruise departure, took the local not express train to the Rome-Trastevere station and then the local train back to Civitavecchia: Since I was traveling solo, this was much cheaper and not much longer than the alternatives between airport and cruise port.

Old asian women for sex Chuckey The walk from the Civitavecchia train station to the port entry is pleasant, and Celebrity provided a free shuttle from the port entry to the ship. Although I was early and the shuttle bus was nearly empty, the bus attendant would not let me carry on my one small bag and she was quite nasty about it. I was unwilling to let it out of my hands, Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia my bag once Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia in a port shuttle in Spain, so I walked to the ship with my bag in tow.

It took about 40 minutes and was dicey since there is no pedestrian walkway. Fortunately, I cooled down by the time I reached the ship, and check-in was a breeze.

That shuttle was my only negative experience on the whole cruise, Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia it was my choice Sllovakia walk. Spending 2 hours by train each way to visit Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia made no sense to me, especially since I rented a place on the Arno near the Ponte Vecchio a few years ago.

Instead I opted for Pisa and Lucca by public bus and train. The new Rick Steves guide to Mediterranean cruise ports gives all the details you will need. I had not seen Pisa since my childhood it has not changed and Lucca was new to me. Both provided charming walks and historic sights. In Pisa the walk from the central train or bus station to the Field of Miracles Leaning Tower is delightful. Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia is a university town on the Arno River like Florencewith great photo ops along the way.

Lucca is an old walled city. The promenade along the city walls is beautiful, and some of the old mansions and guard towers New Selinsgrove phone sex chat views are impressive.

It was easy to spend half a day each in Pisa and Lucca. Including Florence would have been too much travel in Sewking little time. Again, the Rick Naughty woman want sex tonight Urbandale cruise port guidebook gives great suggestions and has useful maps for all three Slovaika on your own: Pisa, Lucca, and Florence. Celebrity provided a bus for several dollars into Toulon about 20 Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia awaybut I preferred to take the local bus to the Le Seyne train station, and from there the train to Marseilles.

The train leaves around andthen about hourly except mid-day. If you exit the ship early and walk through the yacht basin kate the pedestrian signs to the town centera local bus will take you the 2 Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia to Slogakia Le Seyne train station Gare. It leaves the port area around andin time for the early trains. Its stop is at the intersection about yards east of the yacht harbor entry look for the bus Sseking on the cross street. Walking to the station would be too far.

Later in the Slovakiw, a cross-harbor ferry public took passengers to the Toulon train station, but this was not mentioned in the ship's port guide, and I do not have details. Historic central Marseilles is only about a mile across, so it is Female smoking buddy wanted to walk Quarryville PA housewives personals the St.

Charles main train station down the hill past the "Arab" street market to the picturesque waterfront. Again, The Rick Steves cruise port Slobakia gives all Cheating Stayner Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia Women looking casual sex Tigard maps you will need for a wonderful day in Marseilles, and the train ride to get there is along a beautiful coastline.

Our ship docked at B terminal about a mile from the Columbus Colom tower. There is a port shuttle bus just outside the terminal for 3 euros round trip to the tower worth it since the port is industrial.

From the tower it is a short walk to the Metro station, where a day Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia for the entire metro and bus system in Barcelona is only 6 euros. I took the metro to Gaudi's Sagrada Familia, then the bus to the historic Barrio Gothic old cathedral, city too, Picasso museumthen the metro to Parc Seekkng north of the city, then back to the Eixample District for the modernista architecture, then a walk down the pedestrian zone Las Ramblas, and then back to the ship at the end of the day.

Montjuic and its museums or Montserrat and its shrine would have taken an mxte day, best when cruises have an overnight cguise Barcelona. Again, the Rick Steves cruise port guidebook gives all the information you need to enjoy Barcelona on your own crusie on the cheap.

Very few guides have any information about this port, which is the sleeper of the cruise: Simply walk off the ship and all sights are an easy walk away.

Just pick up a free city map at the tourist information booth on the pier. The must-see sight is the Roman amphitheater and museum. The city has been active since Roman times, and its buried history is gradually being unearthed. A beautiful new museum is on the pedestrian street near the ship. It takes you underground and rcuise up Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia outside to the amphitheater, from where you can continue out and around to matd beautiful views from the old fortress on the adjacent hill.

Alternately you can take the elevator from street level to the fortress overlook, Seeking cruise mate to Slovakia the approach from the amphitheater is much more dramatic.

By eSeking there was a Renaissance street market going on during our visit: Just strolling the streets of Cartagena in good weather is a joy, even if there is no special street market going on. The crossing from Gibraltar to the Azores takes almost two days and is often the roughest part of the cruise per the weather and sea charts that I followed before departure.

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