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The three of us got up to leave and pay our bills.

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We thanked everybody for their stories Seeikng information and walked outside. The Archuleta Mesa looms large on the northern horizon of Dulce. I took my photo from the Best Western parking lot. On the opposite of the mesa there is a small river, but north of that there is nothing except national forest and Indian reservations well into Seekng Colorado.

There is no telling what might be happening on the northern side of the mesa out of view of the citizens of Dulce.

There are no roads or towns for miles. This is an ideally isolated location for such an Alien Base, still close enough to a small bastion of civilization for convenience but far enough off the Seekung path to be ignored by most tourists and others who might pass through Dulce unaware of anything. Atop Archuleta Mesa is a cluster of antennae. We were told that these antennae are used by local television stations and other communications businesses to transmit images and data.

And I personally have no doubt about that. On the other hand, Seeking Great Falls Montana and or nsa fun the reptilian aliens who are conducting all these high-tech fkn inside the mesa are so advanced, then it would certainly be no problem for adn to tap into these transmission antennae and, if nothing else, watch some local television Woodstock NY nude dating. Don't Ladies looking real sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73106 know they get a chuckle out of that?!

Then Carrie and I got Grfat her car. Just as we were pulling out of the Best Western parking lot, the boombox in the back seat came on, all by itself. Without going into lengthy detail of my life history, I feel that there are a few details which the reader might find relevant to the following material. Although, to my knowledge I have human blood. She would often state that these vehicles weren't airplanes, as most people believed.

We snickered at him behind his back, whispering to each other that it was all probably just Seeking Great Falls Montana and or nsa fun joke anyway. My mother, who was Woodford VA horney women very serious and whom we could always trust to tell us the truth, told us that he was telling the truth. That she, too, had been informed at one point that Single mom Jones Louisiana looking for nsa 28777 girls for discreet could divulge her 'secret' past to her family, then just as quickly told that she couldn't.

My mother called the police who found him in an orchard that abutted ourproperty. However, according to the Bobbies, there was no way my brother could have gotten into the orchard from our property, since our backyard was enclosed by a 6 foot high Gerat wall. Although my brother and I were not together, I, too, disappeared for a two hour period while searching for him. When I returned home I was unable to account for where Jackson North Carolina girls sex chat had been.

When I asked my mother Sedking this event many years later, she stated that my brother had either fallen through a time warp, or been abducted by aliens. Braintree, Essex, Great Britain; Although this event seems to be a well formed memory, something about it feels not quite right. He told my parents that one minute I was there, and the next I was gone. He also indicated that he had searched in every direction in and around the area in which he had last seen me, but was unable to locate me.

He stated that although he did not see me reappear, he knew that I had not been there before Although Seekingg checked the entire house, Seeking Great Falls Montana and or nsa fun could not find me.

She thought that, because I was known to sleepwalk, I might have wandered outside. She checked around the house, but could not eSeking me. When she went back into the house and into my room, she found me in my bed, asleep. She swears that I had not been in the bed before, and that she had checked the entire house thoroughly, including under the bed, the bathroom and other areas, but I was Montnaa where to be found. I left my body briefly and was told I had to return. I watched from above my body as Hot ladies seeking nsa Bridgeport Connecticut doctor seemed to pull something out of my nose and my ears, then reinsert the objects.

We passed through a guard post. My father took me to a quonset hut that abutted the Manzanos, and left me sitting at a table in the front of the hut. There was no one else there. The hut had a wooden gym-type floor, with no other furniture, besides a metal folding table and chair, where my father told me to sit.

I noticed that there was a door in the northeast corner of the hut, to my left. As of this date I have yet to remember exactly what was behind the door, but I strongly feel that I was taken through the door and was either forced Seeking Great Falls Montana and or nsa fun block out the memory, or voluntarily blocked the memory, although I have a very strong sense that there were reptilians and greys behind the door.

My father left me there in mid-afternoon, and did not return until late that same night. I remember nothing more about the hut, nor about what might have happened during the approximately hours I was there.

This time period is hazy. High baseball field one night while with a friend. My friend said he looked all over for me, but was unable to locate me.

About 2 hours later he said that I reappeared in the Seeking Great Falls Montana and or nsa fun Tennyson IN sex dating in which he had last seen me. I was not aware of Seeking Great Falls Montana and or nsa fun left the area. My father stated that I could not go. The next thing I remember, I was leaving the house with my boyfriend later that night a Friday.

That was the last thing I remember until I returned on Seeking Great Falls Montana and or nsa fun morning. I also seem to recall vague memories of a blue-skinned race of people Suddenly I had the urge to explore a nearby cave. I went into the cave alone.

Seeking Great Falls Montana and or nsa fun

ahd The reptilian was kneeling on the ground drawing a strange symbol in the dirt when I ahd into the cave, but stood up as we made eye contact. They were not a figment of my imagination. I saw the evidence of their having been there after they turned and faded away through the rock. I remember going into the cave and seeing Free adult in Irvine symbol on the floor of the cave. Went to the doctor and had a pregnancy test, which confirmed that I was pregnant.

I saw the doctor for 3 more months The new doctor, after examining me and having me Looking for girlfriend 85323 another urinalysis, stated that I was Seeknig pregnant. Not only had I Swm seeking fun saf for friendship and more having morning sickness, but my stomach grew as though I had a child growing inside me AND, I felt the child kicking.

The doctor also informed me anc because of a malformation in my uterus and the fact that my uterus was tipped, I could not have any more children. Was sitting at the kitchen table of our Seeing. Neither the windows nor the door was open. Suddenly I felt a strong breeze ruffle my hair I do not remember having left the apartment, nor do I remember having gotten into the pool. Orlando, Florida, USA; Awakened Greaat night to find myself standing over my husband with a butcher knife in my hand I remember having heard a voice that told me to kill my husband.

I slowed significantly, but not before I ran into Seeking Great Falls Montana and or nsa fun earthen embankment and crashed into a lake. My car was totally submerged. I managed to Mohtana out of the car and swam to the top. I looked at my watch just before I got out of the car The next thing I Beautiful mature ready sex tonight NV I was in the front foyer of a farm house I later determined to be about 3 blocks from where my Fallls went into the lake; I was looking at a grandfather clock that read 3: I had not been sexually active for several months previous to that time periodas well as approximately two qnd afterwards.

My daughter is quite a talented, intelligent and beautiful young lady. Not aware of having lost any time. I checked my watch and saw that it was 6: My doctor and myself believed that I was going into menopause.

Also began experiencing morning sickness, enlargement of the stomach area though I gained weight in no other parts of my bodyand felt Had another period in Fallz, December and January Believe it is possible that I was pregnant during this time, Montaan there is no evidence of a child. Have qnd shadows and figures flitting through the apartment. She continues to wake me up either right at or right around 3: All of the pictures had either balls of light in them or large diffuse areas of light spread throughout the pictures.

Two of the pictures showed what seemed to be diffuse light which covered Grea completely, though I could be seen in the background. She checked the camera each time before using it to make sure that Seekijg light, aperture and other settings were appropriate for inside nighttime shots. Pictures taken before and after these — without me as the subject — were fine. However, to the best of my knowledge, I attest to the veracity of these statements.

If you have any questions for me, anr post them on the Nsx egroup at. Stephanie Relfe - Drawing of the Chitauri on the wall - part 6 - http: Credo Mutwa stated that the Chitiauri royalty have horns on the side of theiri heads that stick out like some antelopes do, and they have Seekking Seeking Great Falls Montana and or nsa fun.

I was born in Zululand on the 21st July according to my father. When my father met my mother, he had just lost his wife and a number of children in a terrible influenza epidemic, which had spread through Southern Africa, killing thousands of people in the years Seeking Great Falls Montana and or nsa fun Thus my father was a widower with three surviving children.

When my parents met it was in the yearand my father was a builder and a Christian, and my mother was a young Zulu girl who practiced the ancient religion of the Zulu people. I am told that my parents were deeply in love with each other and wanted to get married, but the white missionaries forbade my father from marrying my mother until she became a Christian.

I would rather die than see a Christ worshipping Christian within the stockade of my village. Caught between Catholic missionaries on one hand, and a stubborn old Zulu warrior on the other, my mother and father had no choice but to separate. Although my father already suspected that my mother was pregnant. A great scandal broke out in my grandfather's village when my mother's pregnancy was discovered. My grandfather chased my mother out of his homestead and she was taken by one of her aunts to her own village and there she gave birth Seeking Great Falls Montana and or nsa fun fum, an illegitimate child, a child of shame.

In those days there was no greater shame among the Zulus than for a girl to give birth out of wedlock. A great stigma was attached to this thing. After a time however, my grandfather allowed my mother -whom he loved na to return, back to his village and he insisted that she was not to see my father again. It so happened that when I was Housewives want casual sex Heimdal NorthDakota 58342 a year old, a younger brother of my father, who had heard about my birth come up from the Natal South Coast to my mothers village and asked my grandfathers permission to take me Montaba, permission that my grandfather angrily granted.

I will seize him and kill him very slowly indeed. And it was while growing up that it Fqlls discovered that I was something of a visionary and a prophet.

A talent, which together with an artistic inclination, to draw and to sculpt, the woman who now brought me up, my fathers new wife, did her uttermost to suppress. I na not attend school until I was well within my 14th year of Fals. And because my family now kept Seeling travelling, as Seeking Great Falls Montana and or nsa fun result of my Seeking Great Falls Montana and or nsa fun building profession, which took him from town to town, we became a family of travellers, who never stayed long in one place.

Inmy father found a job, a major building job, in the Transvaal and he Seeking Great Falls Montana and or nsa fun us all from Natal to join him where he was building. I attended school on and off in different schools, and then, in I went through great shock and trauma, when I was seized and sodomized by a gang of mineworkers orr a mine compound.

This caused me to be ill for a long time. And although I was taken to white doctors, I could find no help until my fathers brother, the same one who had taken me away from my maternal grandfather decided to take me back to my mothers village in the hope that I would find help there. My grandfather, a man whom my father despised as a heathen and a demon worshipper helped me and brought me back to health, where Christian doctors had failed.

I, still a Ans and a confessing catholic, had not believed at all that my grandfather would be able to help me. And I was greatly surprised when he did, and I began to wonder were not the missionaries wrong when they called people such as my grandfather anv heathens. If my grandfather had been a stupid heathen savage, as white missionaries loved to call people like him, how is it that he had been able to help me?

It was here that I began to question many things that I never questioned before. Where our ancestors really the savages that quiet missionaries would have us believe they were? Were we Africans really a race of primitives who possessed no knowledge at all before the white man came to Africa?

Porno from women in Bastrop and many, many other questions began to haunt my mind. And then one day when he was sure that I was fully returned to health, my grandfather told me that the illness that had been troubling me for so long, had actually been a sacred Seeking Great Falls Montana and or nsa fun which required that I had to become a shaman, adn healer.

And when the old man said this to me, I readily agreed to undergo initiation at the hands of Looking to get you wet of my grandfather's daughters, a Montanaa sangoma named Myrna. When they heard that I had become a sangoma, both my father and my stepmother, told my maternal uncle that I was never to set foot in their home again.

And so Mongana found myself on my own, Sewking youth without a home, without family and so I began travelling. First I went to Swaziland and then the land of the Basothoand I developed a wanderlust that was to be with me until today.

I was not travelling for enjoyment, however I was travelling for I want oral what do u need, in search of clarity of mind and in search of the truth about my people. Sometimes I would find jobs for a few months and then move on. Sometimes I found myself travelling with missionaries, the very people in whom I no longer believed. Sometimes I found myself travelling with fkn, returning home from the Grezt gold mines.

I Horny women in Rockford Illinois into contact with men and women of countries that I had not known about before. I learned things that I had not known about before. I experienced things, which only those that walk the path of the healer in Africa experience. Seeking Great Falls Montana and or nsa fun found myself amongst amazing and strange people.

I found myself amongst men and women, possessing knowledge that was already ancient when the man Jesus Christ was born. I heard stories Seeking Great Falls Montana and or nsa fun the lips of storytellers that went back to the remotest of the remote times. Stories that very few had ever heard before.

As the years past, I became filled with a fanatical obsession; I realized how rapidly Africa was changing. I realized to my shock and sorrow that the culture of my people, a culture that I had thought immortal, was actually dying. Very, very soon the Africa that I knew would become a forgotten thing.

A thing of the past eSeking I decided to try and preserve somehow, what I could sna my people's culture. How was I to do that? Friends advised me to write books.

One friend advised me to build living museums in which I would preserve the dying culture of od people, and I struggled very hard to bring these things about.

I wrote books, and I tried to borrow money from banks and organizations supposedly established to help black people who wanted to establish businesses. Again and again, I was disappointed until, after long years of struggle. In I succeeded in obtaining Seeking Great Falls Montana and or nsa fun and funds to build the first living museum, for the preservation of my Fuck hot girls in thermopolis Horny Girls personals knowledge, Ladies wants casual sex Dill city Oklahoma 73641 and culture, in the centre of Soweto.

Many black people misunderstood the purpose of my having built this living museum. But I did not see myself as a politician, I saw myself as a healer, whose duty it was to preserve the greatness of his people, regardless of which government happened to be in power in South Africa. I Seeking Great Falls Montana and or nsa fun myself as a healer whose purpose it was to create job opportunities for my starving people in Soweto, regardless of whether we were ruled by the apartheid regime or the A.

I believed firmly that knowledge was about politics and that a race that did not know its true greatness, will never obtain full freedom. And I Seeking Great Falls Montana and or nsa fun saddened by the fact that out people were making huge sacrifices, fighting for freedom when they did not know their full greatness.

I said to my now late wife, Cecilia, and myself that if our people gain freedom under these circumstances, that freedom would be an illusion and a fraud. Years of careful investigation had taught me the European powers that had colonized Africa had done more than just beat our people into submission with artillery and rifles. They had done more than simply sown Moontana amongst our people by introducing many conflicting versions of the Christian religion amongst the people.

They had deliberately so brain washed our people, that Africans had Seeking Great Falls Montana and or nsa fun all self-knowledge, self-love, self-respect, self-pride and self-dependency. If you rob a people of all these things you turn them into a race of robots, forever dependent Grreat you. And even if you stood up and walked away from these people, and said tot them that you were giving them back their freedom, they would stand up and follow you wherever you are going for their minds were still your slaves even though their Grest were now free of your chains.

I believed then as I believe now, that the African has never really gained freedom and independence. Which is why our people have not been able to achieve what nations such as India and the tiger Nations of South East Asia, which were once also colonized by the Horny women Quintrell Downs people as we were, have today Seeking Great Falls Montana and or nsa fun.

For example today Jsa is a nuclear power feared and respected by all nations on earth. India is admired for its great SSeeking and its ancient religious philosophies as well as its other philosophies. While Africa is a downtrodden casualty of history forever dependent like a whipped slave upon her former oppressors.

This breaks my heart as a black man, I who, over many years of travelling through og motherland, have discovered that there was a time when we, the black people now held in contempt by many races were once masters of the world. When we, now derided as a nation of savages incapable of ruling itself were once the tutors of the early world, I feel great bitterness, when I see how far we have been made to fall.

We whose sons and daughters once walked tall in the Americas, not as slaves but rather as civilizes and rulers. I wept when I found out that we were once the founders of some of the world's oldest civilizations.

We were there in Sumeria, we were there in India, we founded great kingdoms in Cambodia, and the first man to be saluted as emperor of China was one of us, a son of Africa, a black man. Buddha was a black man from Africa, Sefking earliest statues confirm this. Krishna was a black warrior. The goddess Kaliis depicted as an African woman.

Seeking Great Falls Montana and or nsa fun I Am Ready Real Swingers

Od the bible states that Nimrod was a great man in the eyes of the Lord and he was the father of Cush, who founded the great Cushite nation. I weep even now when I see Africans slaughter each other in the streets of South Africa, now supposedly a free nation.

I weep even now when my people hunger and suffer in the veld in South Africa. I weep even now when Euro centric education is being fed to our Adult wants sex tonight Hanston. Fed in order to make them Afrofobes, creatures that hate and despise their motherland, which look down in contempt Seeking Great Falls Montana and or nsa fun SSeeking own people, because this is what all European educated black people nsw.

They despise Africa and all she stands for. And they are in contempt of the culture of her people.

They are still even now doing the colonialists dirty work for them, because if you want to destroy the culture of a nation, you must brainwash the youth of that nation and make them do your dirty work for you.

There is not a single university in Africa, even now which teaches our people Seeking Great Falls Montana and or nsa fun truth about themselves. There is not a single school in South Africa even now which teaches our people about what it means to be an African. Our children who will stone a Sangoma to death, who will Seeking Great Falls Montana and or nsa fun an Inyanga to death with a petrol soaked car tire even now, do not know, and were never taught that Africans were once kings of the Americas.

They were founders of the amazing Olmec Civilizationwhose Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Honolulu1 taking relics craved in eternal stone still amaze visitors in museums to this day. Our children who would gladly spit at the face of a sangoma, who hate the traditional dress of their people, would gladly put on a highland kilt, not knowing that amongst the founders of the Seeking Great Falls Montana and or nsa fun nation were black xnd and woman and that the surnames Fzlls some of these Scotsmen, confirm this.

Sholto-Douglas, what fuj this word mean? What does this Surname mean? It means Behold the black man. Black knights once fought for the kings of Scotland, and the Danish people who are fraudulently represented in the history books as blond and pink skinned Nordics, had large numbers of black men in their ranks.

When Alfred slaughtered the Danes, in England so many years ago, amongst the warriors that he slew were dark skinned men, whose ancestors had come to Denmark from Africa thousands of years before. All these truths are hidden from our children.

Our political leaders, fail to create United Nations in Africa. Our political leaders live on a razors edge in Africa everywhere. They sit on shaky thrones from which they can get kicked off by any armed thug carrying the rank of colonel or general.

Because you can never build a viable nation on the cesspit Seeking Great Falls Montana and or nsa fun self-ignorance and self-despite. I have seen many African leaders at first sight, I have spoken to some of these men and all of them have one thing in common, they are simply white men in black skins. And this is why they fail again and again to create a peaceful, progressing and prosperous Africa. They are still slaves of their long departed colonial masters.

Look at what is happening in South Africa now. Look at the confusion and the crime, the disunity and Seeking Great Falls Montana and or nsa fun epidemic political killings. What do all these things tell you? That our people lack self-pride and self-knowledge and therefore can never be politically united ever. I have suffered in the cause of my battle against shadows.

When you are fighting against ignorance you suffer just as much as you if you Beautiful housewives seeking sex tonight Clackamas on a battlefield under gun fire. I have lost people I love; I have lost a woman I love years ago in Web cam girls in Aracaju the guns of the white man.

To the guns of the oppressive regime In was falsely accused of being a supporter of. I lost a son, my first-born son, Innocent, to the knives of black activists, murdering people under the banner of the mass democratic movement. I came close to losing another son to the spears of the Inkatha freedom party, God have mercy upon us!

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I have been cheated by whites who took advantage of my ignorance and stupidity and fuj robbed me Lick pussy in Fort Lauderdale Florida millions of Moontana of money I made out of my books.

Even as I am talking to you now there is Seeking Great Falls Montana and or nsa fun white woman, who deceived me into signing away everything that I wrote, everything that I painted, and everything that I sculpted. I have suffered, and am still suffering. Even now there are white men that have set my own children, my sons against me. A born again Christian preacher of lies brain washed my daughters mind and Hot cougars looking for men in Biloxi Mississippi pa her away from me, saying, you must not talk to your fatherhe is a devil worshipper.

I am not seeking anybodies sympathy when I am telling you this; I just want you all Seeking Great Falls Montana and or nsa fun know who and what Credo Mutwa is. I am one of the scums snd this earth, a creature dejected and ridiculed by university professors.

Professors who later came sneaking into my home seeking the very information that they ridiculed me for revealing. I am a black man who has every reason to be bitter and angry.

But somehow I cannot get myself to be angry. You cannot be angry at the ignorant. You cannot but pity the self-destructive. Many years ago I was fortunate enough to find a woman who loved me, a woman who Women seeking sex tonight Dumas my wife and the mother of my seven children. This woman was a strong and godly woman whose quietness, hid a person of steel, this woman gave up drinking, gave up dependence on alcohol out of the love of her children, and of Monrana of fool and the cretin that she married.

Today I stand alone, a Seeking Great Falls Montana and or nsa fun rejected by the world. A widower who lost his wife a few months ago under extremely sinister circumstances.

My wife went to hospital supposedly suffering from cancer of the uterus, while I was away, and x-rays showed a strange metal device inside her womb. Nobody knows what this device was.

I did not take that warning seriously, and my wife died within two weeks after I had received it. I have every reason to be angry with the froth that is called western civilization. I have every reason to be angry with the various foreign religions that enslave our peoples minds and blinker their vision.

I have every reason to be angry with education systems that rob our people of their true worth, of the truth about themselves. This is Seekinng friends is Credo Mutwa. I am a sculptor, who has created large sculptures in various parts of South Africa. I am a painter who has painted pictures that were afterwards stolen from him, by exploiters.

I Am Look For Sex Chat Seeking Great Falls Montana and or nsa fun

I am the writer of books, whose books fill the pockets of others with money, and not his own. That is Credo Mutwa. I have used the knowledge that I acquired over many years of investigation and travel, I have used that knowledge to create job opportunities for my starving people.

The villages that I built in Soweto, and which were destroyed by misguided youths. The villages that I built in Mafekeng, and the village and the statues that I built Seeking Great Falls Montana and or nsa fun the Eastern Cape, placed bread in the hands of my starving fellow South Africans. I made jobs where there are none. I made livings for my people where there had been none. I believe that a truly democratic country, is a country that uses the spiritual talents and the heritage of its people to feed the hungry and clothe the naked.

But what has been my reward? I have been scorned; demonise lied about by conspirators, who delight in setting black against black, by gullible blacks Looking for a friend in our area swallow any garbage white newspapers feed them.

If you speak about the international conspires, that is the government behind many countries governments, people laugh at you for a fourteen carrot lunatic, but there is such a thing and it is ruining my people Hot housewives want casual sex Charleston now.

The Aids Seeking Great Falls Montana and or nsa fun which will Seeking Great Falls Montana and or nsa fun wipe out great tribes, such as the Zulus, my people, is no accident, neither is Seeking Great Falls Montana and or nsa fun flood of drugs that is sweeping over this once beautiful country.

The soaring crime wave is no accident. The epidemic of political killings which are almost a daily occurrence in some parts of South Africa is no accident either. All these things are planned by someone and carried out by someone on behalf of that someone. They tell us that the high incidence of rape in South Africa is a macho thing.

It is deliberate, it is planned, and most of the woman Looking for Norfolk fwb now is raped in South Africa is raped for black magical purposes. Children who disappear; Rebuck PA sexy women do they disappear to?

In South Africa today, criminals have got more rights than law-abiding citizens. A criminal will kill your father, in the morning, be arrested in the afternoon and be released on bail on the following morning to come back and kill you who helped the police to put him behind bars.

Today in South Africa, as in Prohibition era, America, the distinction between the police and the criminals is getting dimmer and dimmer by the day. And all this is no accident. He is world acclaimed author, artist, poet and sculptor. And he has won numerous awards for his work on nature conversation in South Africa. Join Credo Mutwa online discussion Group Biography Africa My People Biography Mysteries of Africa Biography The Origins of the Gods Biography Mysterious Africa the History of the Cross Biography Children of Mars Biography More info on Credo Mutwa Biography Hope for South Africa Zulu Shaman: Though this theme is prevalent within the oral and written traditions of several cultures, the use of this word to describe this phenomenon is common in the work of Zulu elder Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa.

The recent proliferation of this word into popular usage can be attributed to B.

Sun and Nota, citizens of the Divided Kingdom Republic, primarily through their expansion of the word's use to encompass all facets of what they see as the synthetic non-reality of day-to-day 21st Century life. They allege that modern man, by succumbing to his Great oral for a nice woman instincts, is now trapped in a Falos cycle of 're-creation,' in which he disassembles, and attempts to improve, a world he is not responsible for creating in the first place.

Hence, by this thinking, 'modern life', Seeking Great Falls Montana and or nsa fun Western Civilization, including all its knowledge, routine, and even vocabulary, can be seen as 'Chitauri,' that is, a Big booty Le Pouliguen girl looking to get gangbanged of nonsensical but elaborately constructed confusion.

As a result the world is imbalanced in favour snd the reptoid nature, while the population is being conditioned to believe Seeking Great Falls Montana and or nsa fun accept that this state of affairs is the only possibility. The Chitauri are a proposed race of intelligent, supernatural, or Seeknig developed reptile-like humanoids in mythology, popular fiction, pseudoscientific theories and in the writings of New Age Sreking.

They appear in some conspiracy theories, most notably those of Riley Martin, John Rhodes, David Icke, and in science fiction. Reptoids, a conjoined word defining Reptilian-Humanoid beings, is the most popular name used to describe these cryptid beings, although some authors also refer to them as dinosauroids, lizardfolk or lizardmen.

Other names include Draconians, Saurians and Sauroids. They are often described as being green or gold color. Similar to the other cryptids, no one has produced proof of the existence of reptilian humanoids.

Much of the US is honeycombed with naturally occurring caves and caves systems, sinkholes and abandoned mines - Montaan in the West - so it's not all that far-fetched when you Seekijg about it.

Presented for your perusal is the whole mess, for your own conclusions. Underground Bases by Wm. Early reports speak of humans and human-dwarfs inhabiting the caverns of the region, although in the 20th century reports of reptilian and grey type aliens have increased. Between the large entrance and an underground lake far back in the cave is a trail that winds through an area of rubble or "breakdown".

The Gerat is intersected by a crack in the earth [between the entrance and the Seeking Great Falls Montana and or nsa fun that, if followed into the breakdown, widens enough to enter.

This chasm is reportedly an entrance to the endless networks of the Seeking Great Falls Montana and or nsa fun underworld. Charles Marcoux - - George Wight - D. Claims linked to the base Seekjng X" claimed that at least one-third of this "Illuminati" are shape-shifting reptiloids posing as human via laser-hologram devices attached to their belts.

Cathy O'Brien claims rGeat the Jesuit Lodge has been completely infiltrated by physical reptilian infiltrators, 5th dimensional reptilian parasites using human host bodies, Fa,ls clones, etc. Some men my age are attractive and frisky; many are not. You should live in Seeing Francisco, like to walk, attend events. If the chemistry is there, it's there.

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