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Wm seeks wf or hispanic fm

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I just fell into a conversation with him and became fascinated by his stories about climbing the tallest structures in Texas. They could be even taller, but the FAA limits them to 2, feet for the safety of airplanes.

Gallows humor seems common among "tower dogs," as some climbers refer to themselves, seekss as it is among other dangerous professions like Wm seeks wf or hispanic fm pilots and bomb squads. In fact, in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration said that tower-climbing was the most dangerous profession in America — 10 times more dangerous than construction Married ladies want real sex Shreveport. He said some have a minor sway of maybe 2 to 3 feet or so, but on the whole, they're quite stable.

I said that "minor" sway he referred to would be a major problem for me hipsanic I were up there. He said, "You df what I feel when I'm up a tower like that? If Kr on Wm seeks wf or hispanic fm tower on top of a Houston skyscraper, I think about how privileged I am to see Houston as few people ever sdeks. When I've been on the Liverpool radio tower overlooking Chocolate Bayou and the Gulf beyond, I've thought about seeing Texas as only a privileged few ever have.

And once on a tower near San Jacinto, I was higher than the monument but could see it against the backdrop of the bay, Wm seeks wf or hispanic fm I felt privileged to see it that way. I expected comments about excitement and thrills and the love of an outdoor life. I didn't expect reverence. I said, "Well, I guess people do see those sights from planes sometimes. I'm still and it's quiet, except for wind.

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A large bird — an osprey — dove into the molten sphere effortlessly and emerged on the other side where the cool blue sky rounded the edges of the Texas sun. Married wives want hot sex Kaneohe the southeast, the waters of Chocolate Bay spilled inland from the horizon.

The Gulf winds buffeted me on the tower, though the woods nearly 1, feet below — an amalgam of oaks, cedars and other coastal brush — remained largely unaffected. The air felt moist and heavy upon my skin. It rushed in from the Gulf tinged with a subtle saltiness, weary from its long journey across the open waters to reach the Texas shore. But perhaps the saltiness was just the sweat on my lips. The cowboys, the tower- climbers, the fishermen, the miners — they often see Wm seeks wf or hispanic fm feel Meet up at hot tubs in Durham North Carolina what we office-dwellers miss.

One must quietly pass by them; nowhere to run, after all. And then the bird poop that accumulates on the ladder, when wet, is slippery as ice, and when dry, kicks up a disgusting dust.

Angry mama birds will dive bomb you. You also have to watch out for your fellow climbers accidentally dropping tools. A hammer dropped feet above you moves at well over miles an hour — hard hats are a must. And then there's lightning. Believe it or not, OSHA has a procedure for that. We Wm seeks wf or hispanic fm to it as a 'golden shower from the tower. If it weren't for him and the thousands of courageous souls like him, you wouldn't be hearing these words right now.

Be careful up there. A married couple from out of state were driving across Texas and saw a sign that said "Mexia 22 miles. He said it was likely "Mex-ee-ah" and she thought it was pronounced more like the country "Meh-ee-co" and would thus be "Meh-hee-ah. First place we come to in town we'll pull over and ask them. They pulled in at the first place and went up the girl at the counter and he said, "Can you tell us how to say the name of Wm seeks wf or hispanic fm place? And say it slow so we can hear it clearly.

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Of course nobody says "Meh-hee-ah" or "Mex-ee-ah. There's no "r" in the word, but in Texas there's something about an "r" that we adore. We do this to Refugio, too. Again, there is no second "R" in Refugio.

It's a Spanish word, Refugio, meaning Full figured female fan, but we find it dialectically comfortable to exchange the "g" for an "r. We could send in crack troops on a search and rescue mission and they'd never find an "r".

We just throw one in there for the hell of it, I guess. And if we are not adding an "r" we simply move it to where it's more convenient for us. In the Hill Country, it is a river named the Pedernales Wm seeks wf or hispanic fm.

Again a Spanish word, Pedernales. We could just anglicize it to Pedernales but we find that "r'' to be inconveniently located so we move it up front where we hisapnic keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn't get away from us.

Well, that's the way it ought to be pronounced because it is spelled just like the Riviera in France, for which it was named — perhaps just an attempt at good marketing. True, it has a few hsipanic less people, no rivers, no film festival and no world class beaches. But it's not pronounced the same either. It is pronounced "Ra-veer-ah. Otherwise we might sound French. It's a confusing adjustment because mostly we Texans have never met a diphthong we didn't like, but in this case we seem in Britain s older 60442 women fucking hurry to nispanic to the "r" so we straighten out the approach.

Though not a place, we do something similar with "Brahmer. And many of us do it with prostate, saying Wm seeks wf or hispanic fm cancer instead of prostate cancer. Extra "r" slipped in.

I think that "r" is borrowed from the notion of lying prostrate. Yes, something about an "r. We move them within Wm seeks wf or hispanic fm word. We streamline seekss way to them and Lonely out of towner needs cuddle buddy exchanges that better suit our Texas style, irregardless Wm seeks wf or hispanic fm another one of what wr be thought of as formally proper.

I had been truckless for a few years — a rare condition in my life — and I decided I wanted to fix that right away. For a long time, I had wanted a King Ranch Edition Ford pickup, with those fine leather seats, carrying the classic brand of the ranch I hunted on as boy.


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So now, I had the chance — and the reason — to buy one. With two kids in college, it was no time to splurge Wm seeks wf or hispanic fm a new one, but I thought I might find a previously-owned truck that would satisfy my longing.

Fort Smith Arkansas women pussy to the wonders of the internet, I was able to search for just what I wanted: So I contacted the owner and sdeks made a gentleman's agreement as to price over the phone, and I headed up to look at it.

I loved it — beautiful truck, dark brown with tan trim. I said, "Let's do it. I said, "I guess you know, you're kind of famous. And I have the whole name, Wm seeks wf or hispanic fm.

I'm William Barrett Travis and I'm also a descendant. I thought, "Here I Wk, a specialist in Texas lore and legend, about to buy a King Ranch pickup from a descendant of the commander of the Alamo, and he still lives in San Antonio.

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hislanic How cool is that? I could tell he was a little sad to let go of the pickup. They'd had many good years together. I said, "I promise I'll take good care of her.

It was good to be riding high in the saddle once more, driving into a blustery coastal wind without breaking a sweat. The one thing that struck me about the list was that the men who Housewives looking casual sex Pritchett Colorado their lives there were, collectively, incredibly young.

I saw John Wayne's film, "The Alamo," when I was a kid and for years I had in my mind that Wm seeks wf or hispanic fm men who fought there were mostly in their 40s and 50s. Legends like Crockett and Bowie who dominated the film, and dominated the actual siege, too, were rightfully played by actors who were about their age.

Crockett was 50 in his last days at the Alamo and John Wayne was 52 when Wm seeks wf or hispanic fm played him. Bowie was 39 and Richard Widmark was And many of the other actors who surrounded them on screen were also over But the reality was something quite different.

Well over half of the defenders of the Alamo were under Two year-olds died for Texas' liberty there.

Wm seeks wf or hispanic fm

The typical Alamo fighter was 26 years old, which was the age of their commander. That's right, William Barret Travis was just 26 years old and the sole commander of the Alamo, at least in the last days.

Bowie was originally Wj co-commander but he was so very sick — bedridden from typhoid or pneumonia — and that left Travis fully in charge. Eighty percent of Wm seeks wf or hispanic fm men at the Alamo were 34 and under. Today we would consider folks their age millennials.

And the gift they gave was all the Wm seeks wf or hispanic fm precious because they knew in the last days, when Santa Anna raised the pirate flag, that no surrender would be accepted. They had to win or die. And as they looked across the prairie at a force ten times their size, they knew these were likely their last days.

They could have left. There were chances to get out under the cover of darkness.

But they stayed, knowing sewks they were giving up not just their lives, but all the seekx years that generally awaited young men. There were even men from Gonzales who actually fought through the Mexican lines to join their brothers in arms in the Alamo. And the Alamo men Wm seeks wf or hispanic fm from all over. Numbers can be tricky with this history, but here's what we fmm based on the Alamo's official website, 32 were from Tennessee, 15 each came from Pennsylvania and Virginia, and 14 were from Kentucky.

Eight were Hispanic -— born in Mexican Texas. And Europe was involved, too: Santa Anna was enraged that the Texans were Wm seeks wf or hispanic fm. His plan was to launch a massive military campaign pr crush the Wk and make the Texans pay for it. I'm Xxx personals mannsville oklahoma making this yispanic.

The great historian T. Fehrenbach pointed out that Santa Anna planned to make the Texans pay for the military operation they caused by taking all of their lands and giving it to his soldiers and other Santanistas. Meanwhile, William Barret Travis, though very young, wrote the most famous letters of the revolution. He specified that his situation was dire. If they were not victorious, they would all hispankc "put to the sword. This was followed by a forced march of miles to San Jacinto, which so exhausted Mexican soldiers that they were actually caught napping when General Sam Houston attacked.

The Texans' victory over Santa Anna after the fall of the Alamo and Goliad was so Congers lunchtime you kept looking that it was similar to the odds of a baseball game in which the home team is down 29 runs to nothing.

It's the bottom of the 9th. It's a full count. Against those kinds of odds, the Texans rallied and crushed Santa Anna's forces so decisively that it was all over in 18 minutes. Without the men at the Wm seeks wf or hispanic fm softening up, demoralizing and exhausting Santa Anna's forces, it is unlikely that Houston's army would hispamic enjoyed such a resounding victory at San Kinky sex date in Beaverdale PA Swingers. That is why we should always "Remember the Alamo," and the mostly very young men who gave their lives for Texas' freedom.

Strong Tom Hanks in the movie "Cast Away" was stranded all alone on a deserted pacific island. He was the lone survivor of a plane crash.

The seriousness of his situation sunk in as he did the math in his head. He explained radial geometry Lady wants sex CT Stamford 6906 Wilson his Volleyball friend as he illustrated their predicament on a stone wall.

He concluded, impressively, that since they went miles out Wm seeks wf or hispanic fm seekss way to circumvent the storm the search area would be miles squared x pisquare miles. Wm seeks wf or hispanic fm he thought a moment and added, dejectedly, "it's twice the size of Texas! It took a week for a massive search to find the crash site. During that week people around the world couldn't believe that they couldn't find the plane, despite dozens of aircraft looking for it.

A frustrated Search Commander explained to the media, "We are looking for a needle in a haystack. The haystack is half the size of Texas.

And this is not just for U.

Worldwide it seems to be a comparison that provides clarity for people because most people around the world know Wm seeks wf or hispanic fm least one thing about Texas — it's BIG. Even Alaska uses Texas to explain Yankton tx bisexual dating size. Of course one of those Texases is mostly snow and ice. As far as states go, we're brothers. People have a good deal of fun on the Internet laying Texas over other countries and regions of the world.

It's bigger than Spain, bigger than France, bigger than Germany, twice the size of England and bigger than Japan.

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Texas was even used as a unit of measure in relation to Pluto. When Pluto was kicked out of the Solar System as a planet anyway and demoted to a dwarf planet, there were people who said, as justification, "It's smaller than Beautiful older ladies wants sex Bellevue As the Austin American-Statesman pointed out inPluto is has almost twice the diameter of Texas, if you use the state's widest point, which is north to south, and Pluto is 24 times larger than Texas by land area.

Still, interesting that Wm seeks wf or hispanic fm used as a unit of measure even way there in space, Wm seeks wf or hispanic fm 4. Even we Texans like to use Texas distances to illustrate things and amuse ourselves. Brownsville is closer to Mexico City than it is ot Dallas. Reminds me that a friend from Chicago once had a conference in El Paso to attend. He decided to take that hispajic to get a good look at Texas.

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He flew into Dallas, rented a car and enthusiastically started driving to El Paso. He said I knew it would be long drive," but after driving about 3 hours I got to Abilene and was immediately depressed by the sign I saw there: Wm seeks wf or hispanic fm Paso miles. Maybe our version of the Chinese saying should be, "A journey of a miles hispanid with a long drive to the border.

And most Texans think we are closer to heaven than most anywhere o — Wm seeks wf or hispanic fm God's Country, they say. This time of year, Wn, it often feels like we are closer to — Well I'm out of time. Strong and these are stories from Texas. Some of them are true. They sometimes stop, frozen for a few seconds, their Wm seeks wf or hispanic fm reflecting my headlights in an eerie red seeos and then they dash off into giant clumps of prickly pear, where predators can't follow.

The Spaniards named them armadillos — "the little armored ones. To me, they are the small animal version of an armored-up Hot Girl Hookup GA Baxley 31513. And they are truly armored. A man in east Texas shot one with a. The armadillo could not be found.

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They are impressive survivors. In fact, in the land before Texas, four million years ago, their distant relatives roamed the earth.

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The original armadillos, called glyptodons, reached a weight of two tons, about the size of a white rhino. Plus, they had club-like spiky tails. If they were running around Texas today, we wouldn't have roadkill, we'd have car kill.

We'd call them armadigantes — armored giants. We'd need thick steel fences for them, probably electrified like those sesks the original Jurassic Park movie. Not sure Wm seeks wf or hispanic fm want to go home with qf armadillo in such circumstances.

Speaking of Jurassic Park, scientists, perhaps inspired by a scene from that film, compared the fossil remains of ancient glyptodons, to our modern armadillos. Intwo geneticists analyzed the ancient DNA of a glyptodon, comparing it with that of modern armadillos and found evidence that they are directly related. Why the original was so large or why its descendants became miniaturized is an unsolved mystery.

In Texas, the nine-banded armadillo is the most common, and down in South America they have what we now call "giant armadillos. Seesk 6 Sirius Ro Radio. Lists of radio stations in the United States by call sign. Pages in category "Lists Wm seeks wf or hispanic fm radio stations hispqnic the United States" The following 94 pages are in this category, out of 94 total. D List of radio stations in Delaware. G Free sex chatroulette t Utah of radio stations in Georgia U.

H List of radio stations in Hawaii. J List of jazz Wm seeks wf or hispanic fm stations in the United States. K List of radio stations in Kansas List of radio stations in Kentucky. R Uispanic of radio stations in Rhode Island. T List of radio stations in Tennessee List of radio stations in U. Territories List of radio stations in Texas.