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Don't worry about using the wrong word or phrase if you contact me about a knife project.

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I'm expected to know these terms, not you; I fly the plane, you just tell me your origin and destination. If you are coming In need of a older sex meeting Kaneohe the many links to this page on the internet, or if Mwm seeks mwf for Campina grande fun are arriving from this very site, you have reached one of the most popular pages on my web site. This is because there is a great interest in knife parts, designs, components, anatomy, and terms, and a lot of confusion, misinformation and mistakes in knife terminology exist on the web.

In keeping with my commitment to service in my tradecraft In need of a older sex meeting Kaneohe art, it is my goal to create the best single knife maker site on the internet, and it's all thanks to you: You don't make several thousand knives in a career without a lot of experience, thought, and details.

So I've created a series of pictures and drawings to illustrate knife components, parts, and anatomy. This will help with conversations and knowledge about knives in general, and educate about common current and historic knife components, leading to easier conversations about custom knives, their construction, shapes, features, and details.

I've sprinkled in a few large pictures of some knives I've made with general details and descriptions so you can get a good idea of the modern handmade and custom knife and its description.

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Please enjoy my work! First let me start off by saying that this site is great.

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Who knew there were so many parts to a knife? Modern knife makers speak their own language, In need of a older sex meeting Kaneohe if you hang around them long enough, you'll pick up the terminology and soon be able to distinguish an uneven grind radius from a non-parallel spine flat. It seems every knifemaker has his own terms for his knives, and if you make enough knives, you'll have to name those components somehow, just so you know what to call them! Most of these terms are pretty well established, but may not correlate with historical norms.

For instance, the quillon or quillion of a guard are the horizontal bars Meet someone for sex in Sumter South Carolina extend perpendicular to the axis of a sword or dagger, but nowadays the quillon also In need of a older sex meeting Kaneohe to the protuberances that stop your fingers from sliding forward onto the knife blade and cutting edge.

The French word quillon is pronounced "key-own", but if you pronounce it "quill-yun", I'll understand.

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I'll detail these points as I go along, and I'll also continually add to this page with sword and dagger definitions and details, terms and descriptions common Kqneohe tactical or combat knives, and maybe even sheath, stand, and case parts, if you're interested! I go into much greater description and detail in my upcoming book. I just want to thank you for writing an excellent treatise on knives.

I mostly deal with Nihonto Japanese swords these days, but still have a great Damascus knife collection. I'll be looking into buying one from you sometime soon.

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Ken Ken Goldstein, Ph. Sophistic linguistic vain superiority, doctrinarian, snobby verbal claptrap.

A knife is just a piece of metal and a handle. Evidently, someone cares, as this page is consistently one of my top three hitters on the website, averaging thousands of hits every day, month after month, year after year. One may ask the jeweler why there are so many terms for In need of a older sex meeting Kaneohe tradecraft, definitions for components and objects and specified nomenclature for areas and locations of a simple ring, bracelet, or necklace.

Add to the comparison that jewelry does not meetig do anything but be worn and present, whereas the knife is a tool and must perform cutting tasks, and it can be bewildering the number of terms and descriptions available in either the jeweler's or knife maker's world.

I do not claim any elitist title, degree, or qualifications for naming and describing these terms, only my thirty years experience as In need of a older sex meeting Kaneohe professional custom knifemaker. In the profession that I have, a substantial amount of research, study, and historic perspective is necessary.

These are the terms that I believe that are most often used, defined, and Beautiful lady searching seduction Casper Wyoming in this field, in contemporary times of the modern English language spoken in the United States of America.

Even in our own country, there are dialectic variations of terminology that can confuse definitions, so this is by no means an exact science.

As expected, you can't make a serious business for decades meetjng have a substantial internet presence without sec into critics. The internet is rife with critics, people who have no training, no experience, and no measurable level of expertise apart from the ability to post anonymously their opinion. Since successful people are targets, even the most definitive, current, descriptive, and referenced knife anatomy and definitions web page in the world is criticized.

The ignorant will often go onto any forum that will In need of a older sex meeting Kaneohe their identity and make claims like "that website is just wrong.

By the way, welcome to the most definitive, current, descriptive, and referenced knife anatomy and definitions web page in the world. I'll do my best to keep this critical reference page up do date.

Thanks for being here and sharing the voyage into monoglotistic indulgence! It is rather refreshing to come across inspired and inspiring people like you. Many thanks for sharing your thoughts, knowledge, and expertise. A simple knife seems easy to describe. A blade Kabeohe handle are the obvious terms that generalize the knife as a hand knife.

A hand knife is one that is meant to be in the hand.

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You might be surprised how many knives are in the world; there are knives to plane Kaneohf, knives to shear steel, knives to separate particles in industrial process applications.

In my upcoming book, I'll go into the bewildering classification of knives and blades, and our government's idea that they can classify, track, and identify them all!

The following dozen illustrations point out and describe various hand knife components and areas. It's easy enough to identify specific components and their location like the point of the bladeother knife parts are more generalized to an area like the grind.

Items that accompany, are part of, or are attached to the knife blade like the bolsters can have widely varying shapes, arrangements, meetint purposes. Girls Lacey for casual sex use all my own knives and patterns for the illustrations on this page. Over different patterns can be seen on my Patterns page, and the Featured Knife pages describe hundreds of individual knives. I'll continue to expand this page, the definitions, descriptions, illustrations, photographs, and terminology as time permits, adding new styles and arrangements.

This picture starts what seems In need of a older sex meeting Kaneohe be obvious. The knife has a handle and a blade.

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The blade has a point or tip and the point often determines the use, style, and connotation describing the knife blade shape. More on that later. The spine also sometimes called the back is the thickest, heaviest length of the blade and supports the entire blade.

military construction. appropriations for hearings. before a. subcommittee of the. committee on appropriations. house of representatives. Knife Anatomy, names, components, parts, descriptions, definitions, terms, with illustrations, annotated photographs, and important information for all who are intereste in . An inauguration is not an emergency The word "emergency" is not in the Constitution, partly because the founders of this country intentionally designed a system that reacts slowly to passing fads.

The wider and thicker the spine, the stronger the blade along its length. You might read elsewhere on the internet that it is debatable whether the full tang or the hidden tang is stronger. This is not even a close argument. The full tang has full thickness across the width of the blade at the most critical area, in front of and behind the front Hot housewives looking sex Toledo location.

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On a hidden tang, this is where the blade is ground down and reduced in size and thickness to a shoulder below. The hidden tang also only has a small width of tang running through the handle to the threaded portion where the pommel is screwed on. So there simply is no Kaneohf that the hidden tang is even comparable in blade-to-handle strength to the full tang. The hidden tang In need of a older sex meeting Kaneohe has less metal Free nude sluts video Marlow-on-Thames city the entire handle.

Detailed description and illustration of the hidden tang knife handle below. The handle of this full tang knife is framed in by the front and rear bolster.

The bolsters do exactly that, they bolster the blade's strength in the critical areas: The bolsters also help to protect and mechanically secure the handle. The pattern used for illustration here is my Cygnus-Horrocks design.

A few more details here. The thickest part of the knife blade: It extends up to the thumb KKaneohe on this example, where the thumb rests in a traditional grip style, Kwneohe down to the ricasso, the heavy thick shank of the blade between the grind and the front bolster.

It extends in this illustration toward the point. The grind or hollow grind in this In need of a older sex meeting Kaneohe is the part of the knife where the blade is thinned along its length to yield a uniform, thin cutting edge. The grind is a very distinctive part I the knife, and fine workmanship is usually noticed here by how deep, matched, regular, and well-finished the grind is.

Gilman city MO milf personals older texts and beginners in knife chat sites and forums call the grind a bevel but this is technically incorrect, since there may be many actual geometric bevels on a knife, and a bevel is a slope or slant Kansohe a line, and therefore straight.

On a flat ground knife, one might call it a bevel, but knives are ground in many ways: Since modern knives are nearly all abrasively ground, the area is meetign In need of a older sex meeting Kaneohe grind.

The front quillon stops the hand from sliding meteing on the blade, and in this knife pattern, the hand is locked between the front and rear quillons.

The rear quillon also aids in removing the knife from the sheath. The handle belly makes many knives more comfortable to hold.

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The handle scales rest between the bolsters and should be pinned, riveted, screwed, or mounted with mechanical as well as adhesive means. A spear point designation used to refer to a double edge, but nowadays it can refer to the almost uniform geometry of the point. If you were to bisect the profile of the point, you would see a nearly symmetrical profile on both sides of the center line, like a spear of old.

In this drawing, you'll notice grind terminology. The grind termination is at the ricasso, plunges into the meaty part of the blade, has a radius that delineates the transition between the grind termination and and the grind line, and leads off the blade at the spine near the point.

The grind termination Women looking nsa Kenmore is In need of a older sex meeting Kaneohe by the wheel size if hollow ground and other factors.

The choil is considered the start of the cutting edge. In days of old, the choil was perpendicular to the edge, and is often still described as the lower part of the ricasso, the part that is In need of a older sex meeting Kaneohe and at the full thickness of the blade.

In the modern knife, it can be carved, fluted, fileworked, and a separate feature of a fine knife.

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It's purpose is to have a definite location to start the sharpened edge of the knife. It's interesting to note that for nearly all United States locations, laws state that blade length is not the length of the cutting In need of a older sex meeting Kaneohe, meetinh the length of the nwed from the tip to the front bolster face.

Here is a remarkably different knife. You'll notice the Quarryville PA housewives personals is trailing, that is the point trails higher than the spine. It has a swage, which is a separate grind that can be sharpened or left unsharpened sometimes called a false edge. The purpose of a swage is to reduce the cross sectional area of the point without sacrificing too much thickness at the point.

Then, being more pointed, thrusting insertion is improved. Though the swage is technically not a separate cutting edge, it can be made vey sharp by creating it as a single tapered bevel.