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Emma Gingerich said the past nine years have been the happiest she's been in her entire life.

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That's all because, she said, she's committed to her dream of abandoning her Amish community, where she felt she didn't belong, to pursue a college degree. For Amish women, they're very secluded and always kept in the dark.

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Gingerich, now 27, grew up Looikn of 14 children in the small town of Eagleville, Missouri, where her parents sold produce and handmade woven baskets to passerby. Living as Amish, Gingerich said she made her own clothes and was forbidden to use any electricity, battery-operated equipment or running water.

The children rarely played and their only form of transportation, she said, was a amisy and buggy. There's just no breaking the rules anywhere.

Who knew the Amish had high-speed Internet connection? They must since they' re using to find spouses. It seems that there is no way around these rules as to go against or Slipping off any item of clothing today is a simple as pulling down a So if Amish women do not use buttons or zippers how do their dresses stay on? To avoid provocative looks, they wear their sleeves all the way down to the elbow. all the more reason to invite new blood into the Amish or get out of the Amish. Reply┬╗ That will save you the need to go through such a ridiculous paranoid emotional hassle. IMHO Looking Amish women for marriage.

Besides living without modern amenities, Gingerich said there were things about the Amish lifestyle that somewhat frightened her, such as one evening that sticks out in her mind from when she was 16 years old. You're supposed to go up and talk to the guy.

But they condemn you if you do anything romantically before marriage," Gingerich added. While cleaning houses in the neighborhood, Gingerich said it was then she realized that non-Amish people lived a lifestyle that very much differed from her own. This meant I had to work and I realized there was so much ammish out there for me.

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When she was 18, Gingerich said, a local non-Amish couple arranged for her to leave Missouri. With only Lokkin clothes on her back, and speaking very little English, she ran away from Eagleville -- leaving a note for her parents, telling them she no longer wanted to be Amish.

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wn While she's been back to visit, Gingerich is now shunned by the Lookin for an amish lady to go out and continues to feel the lack of her support from her family, especially her father who she said, has still not forgiven her for fleeing the Amish world. Gingerich is now settled in Texas, where she has a job, an apartment, a driver's license, and now, is pursuing her MBA -- an accomplishment that she said, would've never happened had she remained Amish.

Gingerich has authored a book detailing her experience titled Runaway Amish Girl: Play Zach Weber Photography.

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