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Friens simple fact that I'm uncomfortable sitting down to write this post demonstrates to me how vital it is for me to get this out of my head. There's no easy way for me to say this other than to get right to the point -- I'm looking Seeking an intimate friend build a serious relationship with another man.

This is a rather bold declaration for someone who has been married to the same woman for 27 years. Before you start jumping to conclusions, "no" I'm not coming out of the closet, but I am shining a light on a social plague that relegates millions of men, like me, to a life of superficiality and isolation.

I was taking inventory of the meaningful Seeking an intimate friend in my life, and it became clear to me that although I have many male friends, all of these relationships are collegial, superficial, or competitive. The friends I feel most comfortable around are Seeking an intimate friend female.

Now, as I am Seeking an intimate friend happily married ann, you can see why this tendency to gravitate towards forging relationships with other women may not be "ideal". Herein lies the problem, and I believe it raises two questions. First, why as a society do we equate intimacy and vulnerability with sex?

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Two, why have we associated strong ties between men as either indicative of Seeking an intimate friend or propagation of institutionalized patriarchy? I'm blessed to have a partner with whom I share not only my heart but also my dreams and fears.

I almost feel "guilty" saying inhimate, but I want more, and that I believe, comes from the bond of a deep friendship.

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Unlike companionship which is merely defined by time spent together, the friendship I'm searching for is forged in trust, honesty, reciprocity, and interdependence--It's a culmination of intimacy that is absent from most male friendships.

At inimate risk of generalizing, Seeking an intimate friend venture to say that men and women form very different friendships. Whereas women tend to want more of a connection and a sounding board, Seeking an intimate friend friendships are defined more by "parallel play" and the chest-puffing notion of "I got your back, brother. Male relationships have undergone Sreking change throughout history.

Aristotle referred to Platonic friendships between men intimatw the societal "ideal". Seeking an intimate friend the 19th century, male friendships were more sentimental and were marked with endearing language that by today's standards, would be construed as "queer".

There was very little interaction between the sexes before marriage, so confiding in your own sex was the only option. Intimate Strangers: Sandrine Bonnaire, Fabrice Luchini, Michel Duchaussoy, Anne Brochet, Gilbert Melki, Laurent Gamelon, Hélène Surgère, Urbain. Practicing whole body awareness and receptiveness with one, two or three other friends was for a long time my favorite way of developing body literacy skills and energetic strength, but I eventually discovered that my relationship with life is like any other intimate relationships: it really requires one-on-one time! And the more I make time for it, the deeper and sweeter it becomes. Peer Commentary. Does Intimacy Truly Affect Personality Development? Eileen Pizzurro Northwestern University. Cardillo's arguments in "Intimate Relationships: Personality Development Through Interaction During Early Life" discuss how the intimate relationships one has in the early stages of one's life (such as mother-child, friendships, and peer interaction) form one's personality.

There was a marked change towards the turn of the 20th century, as closeness between men became regarded as deviant behaviour. Later, under the Red Scare in the McCarthy era, intimate relationships between men were even labelled subversive and "communist". Somewhere along the way, it became more difficult for men to Seeking an intimate friend to other men for the intimacy we all long for in a meaningful relationship.

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Seeking an intimate friend we moved away from an agrarian economy, young frriend no longer had sustained interaction with their fathers, and were thus deprived of this type of role model. With the possible exception of male friendships formed in the military, the notion of an intimate male friendship, prevalent throughout history, has become yet another victim to market capitalism.

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Men now view one another as competitors rather than colleagues. For me, as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse in which the perpetrators Seeking an intimate friend male, the issue is further complicated. I've struggled with revealing my thoughts and emotions to other men, and when I do, it's generally camouflaged by using jokes.

Seeking an intimate friend

Women typically build relationships based on social connectivity while men build them based on shared activity or goal orientation. Because I'm eager to Seeking an intimate friend stronger relationships with other men in my life, Intikate attempting to combine both the male and female approach to friendship.

An intimate friend is someone we feel very close to; they know us at a deep level. But we can seek that nearness in ways that don't produce it. An intimate relationship is an interpersonal relationship that involves physical or emotional intimacy. Physical intimacy is characterized by friendship, platonic love , romantic love, .. Although the theorists mentioned above sought support for their theories, their primary contributions to the study of intimate relationships were. Part of the What It Means to Be Intimate Series Looking for love? Want to One evening over dinner with a friend, we spoke about intimacy and what it means.

While engaged in a shared activity with men, I am consciously working on being a more active listener--I'm suppressing my desire to "up the ante" or to redirect the conversation. Most importantly, I'm incorporating the feedback I got from my wife when she pointed out Seeking an intimate friend I have a tendency to try to "fix problems" rather than simply listen to what someone is saying.

Daily Devotion Betrayed By a Friend By Marshall D. Johnson "It is not an enemy who taunts me—I could bear that. It is not my foes who so arrogantly insult me—I could have hidden from them. offers photo ads of female inmates throughout the United States and provides a place for people to come to find female inmate pen pals. (Originally Gabby's Lounge BBS, most recently Steven J. Cole. Steve has been the pastor of Flagstaff Christian Fellowship since May, From he pastored Lake Gregory Community Church in Crestline, California.

I'd like to end with one of my favourite quotes on friendship, and it Seeking an intimate friend from none other than the famous Greek historian, Plutarch. Get top stories and blog posts emailed to me each day.

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