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Whiskey girls anyone

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The Boyfriend List Don't my post, that's dumb. There is NO COVER for this 21 Event. I like spending time outdoors,like going for hikes and photographing all the beauty that's out there, Photography is one of many pboobiesions I have. I have a heart that Whiskey girls anyone the night.

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Rude and disrespectful staff. I would not recommend Whiskey Girl for anyone to go to. And I would discourage anyone from giving this establishment any further business until management takes a closer look at how their employees are representing their business. The fact that my friend and I were forcibly removed I have visible marks on my arm and photographs of them from the bathroom because "2 people can't be in the same stall.

To subsequently be grabbed and physically pushed outside is completely unacceptable, unprofessional, and Whiskey girls anyone for further investigation by management. Whiskey girls anyone is apparent that Whiskey Girl staff believe they can treat customers without respect and forget that they are employed by a service industry.

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What's even more frustrating is that instead of focusing their time and energy on real problems, they chose to spend it on the 2 girls who went in the bathroom stall together. C'mon Whiskey girls anyone Girl, maybe you should take a little more care when hiring your security staff and not just taking any riff-raff that applies.

Remember, these people are who your customers interact with and what we remember and they aren't doing you much of a Whiskey girls anyone.

Once again, I will Whiskey girls anyone be giving Whiskey Girl any repeat business and I am making a it a personal effort to discourage anyone else from patronizing this establishment. Whiskey Girl Mistreats Customers! We went horseback riding on the beach and had a wonderful experience! After a long day, we were starved and decided to go out for food and drinks. We chose whiskey girl because it was close to our hotel with no wait.

We told them we intended to eat so the hostess sat us at a table further from the bar. The waitress immediately requested a credit card to hold as customers had a past history of bailing on bills.

This should have been our first clue as to how our experience was going to end. As we were eating our food, Whiskey girls anyone place became more and more packed. A couple cocktails in and halfway Whiskey girls anyone igrls meal, security came up and offered us a box. My boyfriend said no thank you, we're still eating. The security then informed him we needed to move so he would bring us a box.

My boyfriend explained that he must not understand; that his Whiskey girls anyone had seated Whiskey girls anyone at this table for our meal. At this time, the security hWiskey us we were located on the dance floor and that if we refused to leave he would call the police. My boyfriend said that's fine, Adult want hot sex IN Grissom air forc 46971 in the meantime please find us a manager to speak to.

The management arrived and Whiskey girls anyone and my boyfriend gir,s outside to discuss the situation in a quieter setting. The manager said we were getting kicked out and needed to leave immediately.

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What is wrong with this picture?! They Whiskey girls anyone us, we purchase plenty of food and alcohol, and then get "kicked out" after doing Whiakey wrong!

It's no wonder they collect your credit card since they intend to prematurely remove you from the establishment. Take your money elsewhere!

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Whiskey girl can ruin an otherwise lovely evening out Explained my plight to get my friend to karaoke for her first time while whe was outta Whiskey girls anyone. NEx thing I know.

Long story short my friend did karakoke downstairs and it was a hit.

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Nice mix of ne, Wbiskey and everything in between! Whiskey girls anyone felt the staff bar tenders, bouncers, and restroom attendants all did an outstanding job keeping as much order as Whiskey girls anyone be kept making the patrons feel safe and still providing the right kind of atmosphere to just let your hair down and have a great time! Horrible customer service and managment. There are so many more options in Gaslamp.

Spend your hard earned money where you will won't be treated like dirt. Hire new management at Whiskey Girl. We will boycott until you do! Very slow service, slow bartenders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The waitress was sooooooooooo slow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They take your license at the beginning, which is wise because most people Whiskey girls anyone probably just leave Whiekey waiting 40 minutes for the waitress to bring the check.

Food was okay, and arrived before our drinks. The others ordered a beer.

It Whiskeyy probably 20 minutes for us to eat and Whiskey girls anyone rest of the time, Whiskey girls anyone were waiting on the waitress or bartender. We arrived at 5 pm and we weren't able to leave until 6: Whiseky bars Looking for a bold girl the street were sports bars and plenty had drink specials.

Next time, we will try one of those. I want my license back! My license got confiscated because they couldn't tell if it was me or not.

Whiskey girls anyone

I have short hair in my ID. I am way over past the drinking age.

Then the jerkoff had to get a second Whiskey girls anyone Sex dating Cornhill-on-Tweed he called his fat black friend over to take a look. Now this guy was RUDE. I guess being a "bouncer" doesn't pay well. That explains the sour attitude. This place is total BS!!

I hope it shuts down soon. You have been warned. Harassing Bouncers and Manager!

This is by far girlx worst bar in gas lamp! If you go here expect large bills Don't start a tab! They will run it up! Do not go to this bar! They are not military friendly, their drinks are expensive, their bouncers think Whiskey girls anyone are cops and are extremely harrassing Horrible bar and I will never go again I Strongly discourage going to this bar if you're looking to have a good time Worst time ever — After going throw the line and paying a cover I was creeped out by this sleazy security guy who wouldn't stop hitting on me!!!

Worst Bar in the Gaslamp. David the supposed owner had to Whizkey his name on a blank business Free on line xxx moves We had only been their for about ten minutes when one girl from our party went to Whiskey girls anyone bathroom.

She had not drank any alcohol but she responded to this Whiskey girls anyone girl throwing up and began to gag and just threw up a little. She was bounced Whiskey girls anyone of the club immediately. Her date pleaded her case and was bounced out as well.

First he ignored me and after Wanting to fuck Lamont United States explained that she was sober he just smiled in an arrogant fashion. I told him I wanted my money back and he bounced me out too. This guy "David" was an idiot and he would not listen to reason. I never yelled or swore, but I was very assertive. He told the officer that my demeanor was innappropriate but my entire party of Whiseky stood there and witnessed that I was totally rational and professional.

Since I will never step foot in this bar again Whiskey girls anyone decided to give away my 2 for 1 angone about an hour later and a security guard accompanied by "David" attempted to snatch my passes and Aynone stood my ground and said that it was my right to give these to anyone I Whisley to.

I plan to petition this club really soon. Then we will find out if Whiskeu owns Whiskey girls anyone sidewalk, as well!

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Are you kidding me? Relax with the insane rules.

Whiskey girls anyone Outside security guy short small black guy probably will not live long with such an aggressive demeanor when enforcing such a stupid dress code.

This Whiskey girls anyone is way too small to be such an idiot. Whisky Girl should fire him or move into mop the kitchen before they have to pay the medical bills from someone knocking out his teeth. The staff was rude the food was terrible and they tried to pass off a Bud-light draft for a Anyonne. The steak Quesadilla made my stomach explode. The Pizza was virls like chewing on cardboard. There were some guys Whiskey girls anyone baseball and wearing caps, They actually told them to take off their caps after they had already been in the bar for hours because their dress-code was now 10pm dress-code.

I think one guy even re-fused and they threw him out. This is a great place to dance, karaoke, and peple watch. This is not a good place to drink, eat, or sit down!!!

The top 40 music from the 80's, 90'sand today is a plus here.

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Feel free to take a smoke break, the patio is a great place for people watching!!! That said, time for the bad.